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Edgewood Dog Collars, Leashes and Walking Leads are designed to complement our line of fine English Tack. Careful attention to detail sets our collars and accessories apart from all others. Our collars are manufactured from the same quality leather as what is used for our English Tack. Solid brass and stainless steel buckles and D-rings are hand-sewn into place with our handcrafted, square-corner keepers. We donít believe youíll find a finer dog collar, leash or walking lead anywhere.

Collars are available in Tan or Black (black collar pictures coming soon!) in the following styles and options:

Available styles:
Flat (no edgestitch), Edgestitch, Plain- or Fancy-raised, Laced, Broken-Lace (tan lace on black collar), Brass Clencher (available on tan or black) and Silver Clencher (available on black only). We offer a nameplate-space option on all but our Flat, Edgestitch or Extra-Extra-Small Collars.

Available sizes:
XX-Small (not available w/nameplate space), X-Small, Small, Medium, Large and X-Large. See your dealer for assistance with sizing.

Leashes are available in Tan or Black, 1/2" or 5/8" wide x 5' long.
Edgestitch Leashes are also available in 3/4" wide x 5' long.
Available styles: Flat, Edgestitch, Laced or Broken-Lace (tan lace on black leash)

Walking Leads are available in Tan or Black, 5/8" or 3/4" wide x 2' (24") long.
Available styles: Flat, Edgestitch, Laced or Broken-lace (tan on black)

Dog Collar Sizing Chart - guidelines for finding a good fit

Tan Dog Collars - with or without space for a name plate


Tan Leashes


Tan Walking Leads


Black Leashes


Black Walking Leads


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